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A Pathway to a Rewarding Career 

"How can I get a job in the mining industry?", it’s one of the most frequent questions we get asked.  

It's a great question that could be the start of a rewarding and challenging career. 

At Topdrill, we believe in developing career pathways for the next generation of drillers and continuing the growth of skilled workers for the future sustainability of the Australian drilling industry.  

Our goal is to recruit, retain and train the most qualified team and offer opportunities to those interested in a career in drilling. 

The Topdrill Way 

As soon as you begin employment with Topdrill, we sign up for your traineeship from day one. You will be enrolled to complete nationally accredited training to kick start your career in the mining industry!  

We believe in providing our team with opportunities to progress and succeed in their careers. Whether you’re a university graduate, a school leaver, an experienced driller, or are interested in changing careers, there are opportunities available for applicants with varying levels of experience. Additionally, with the investment of hands-off steel innovations around the rig, the introduction of automated and AI drilling technologies, there has never been a more diverse range of roles available.

How We Build a Top Team 

Before starting a drilling career, certain criteria need to be met to join our Top Team, you will love the outdoors and be a team player. Let's look at the typical expectations of an employee at Topdrill: 

  • Current full C class licence, but an HR license is preferred. 
  • Clear National Police check. 
  • Pre-employment medical, including drug & alcohol screening. 
  • Full Australian working rights. 

Driller’s Offsider 

In most cases, the first step in your exploration drilling career will be as a Driller’s Offsider. Being a drillers offsider comes with responsibilities key to the overall drilling site and project success.  

  • Assist in moving drill rigs from site to site and setup. 
  • Ensure pre-starts of equipment and a tidy drilling site. 
  • Assisting in obtaining core samples, bagging and carrying the core samples 
  • Marking core samples 
  • Operation of equipment such as boosters, air trucks, fuel tanks and mud tanks.  
  • Carry out minor maintenance and repairs, including lubrication and cleaning.  
  • Clean and maintain equipment. 
Although most training is completed internally through our Topdrill Drill School training programs and VOC’s, qualifications that may assist in securing employment include a heavy rigid licence (HR) for driving support equipment from site to site, an Apply First Aid Certificate, and a working at heights ticket. 


At Topdrill, an important part of a Driller’s job is to supervise the movement, installation, maintenance, and operation of drilling rigs. Drillers will also operate pumping equipment. 

  • Preparing drilling sites before drilling. 
  • Attend pre-shift meetings and have great communication skills – communicating with client and Geologist on site regularly. 
  • Ensuring 100% compliance of key daily safety checks of individuals on drill crew. 
  • Moving, assembling, and operating drilling rigs and equipment. 
  • Performing maintenance, repairs, and cleaning drill rig and support equipment. 
  • Digital recording of drilling metres and drilling operations.  
  • Monitoring drilling operations for productivity and safety always.  

It is possible to work as a Driller without formal qualifications, however all Topdrill drillers must be enrolled, participating in, or have completed a Certificate III or IV in Drilling. At Topdrill we support your career progression and internally enrol you if you haven’t yet achieved this qualification.  

If you're interested in kick starting your career in exploration mining, or looking to make a change, reach out to us via email at recruitment@topdrill.com.au

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