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De Grey Mining

Company: De Grey Mining
Meters Drilled: 300,000 RC metres/40,000 DD metres
Number of Rigs 5-10
Project Start Date September 2015
Project End: Ongoing
Scope of Work: Discover Ore Bodies across HEMI
Commodity Drilled for: GOLD

Topdrill have been a great support in DeGrey's growth story by being flexible and meeting demands with changing operational needs all the time.They have managed safety very well with the increased rigs and shifts demands at De Grey. The pressure demands of increased production at Hemi and extreme weather in the Pilbara were managed very well by the Top Drill team.

Topdrill has experienced and professional supervisors, drillers and offsiders on site not only kept safety and production as their focus but also came up with innovative ways of drilling in challenging conditions. The management have been a very professional with a personal touch.

Rohan Deshpande, Geologist, De Grey Mining

Northern Star Resources

Company: Northern Star Resources
Meters Drilled: 100,000 RC metres / 30,000 DD metres
Number of Rigs 2 -7 at various times
Project Start Date February 2010
Project End: Ongoing
Scope of Work: Discover Ore Bodies across the Goldfields and Northern Goldfields, including KB/Sthal/Jundee/Bronzewing
Commodity Drilled for: GOLD

Barto Gold Mining

Company: Barto Gold Mining
Meters Drilled: 9,260
Number of Rigs: 2-4
Project Start Date February 2019
Project End: - Continues
Scope of Work: Discover mineral samples
Commodity Drilled for: GOLD

The Exploration Team at Southern Cross has worked with Topdrill to deliver quality RC for our extensive and ongoing Exploration drilling campaign throughout the district. Topdrill crews are always professional, no fuss and service oriented, with limited downtime due to a solid mechanical, safety and administrative support network from their Kalgoorlie workshop and offices. The Topdrill Management Team are always available when required and are pleasure to deal with. We look forward to continuing to work with Topdrill well into the future.

Clinton Kuehnapfel - Exploration Manager - Barto Gold Mining

Rio Tinto

Company: Rio Tinto
Meters Drilled: 60,000 Diamond Metres / 20,000 GC RC
Number of Rigs: 3-5
Project Start Date: January 2016
Project End: October 2020
Scope of Work: Completed Diamond Drilling Program and Grade Control RC drilling
Commodity Drilled for: Iron Ore

Kingwest Resources

We had conversations with management ahead of the job which meant that the Topdrill team arrived with all the required gear for the job, they succeeded with rapidly adjusting to our requirements and completing the work within the planned time frame. With our project being close to their large modern Kalgoorlie workshop it enabled Topdrill to be very responsive to any unplanned issues that can occur with an RC rig. This was the same for the Topdrill management which were readily present to address issues and listened to their client.

Great team of people to work with, looking forward to work with you guys again!

Great team of people to work with, looking forward to work with you guys again!

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