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Toplytics – the drilling future 

A large part of our commitment to providing cutting-edge drilling solutions is our ability to deliver transparent, safety-focused, and analytical reporting for our clients.

Topdrill’s Toplytics is a revolutionary solution designed and built in-house by our Digital Transformation team. It allows us to elevate the way we collect, analyse, and report on our team's safety, compliance, and performance metrics each day. This enables us to provide in-depth insights and real-time tracking designed to meet our client's health and safety compliance obligations whilst still delivering cost-effective drilling programs.  

Toplytics is an exciting development for the Australian drilling industry and a real point of difference for Topdrill.  

Key Features and Benefits:  

Interactive dashboards focused on field safety, compliance, and performance: Toplytics provides a dynamic and interactive range of dashboards that deliver real-time insights into drill programs, allowing clients access to safety, compliance, and performance data – everything needed to manage the drill program, its safety and compliance obligations, and project budget efficiently.  

Automated data updates: Eliminating manual data entry and updates, Topyltics automates data retrieval, ensuring continued access to the most accurate information throughout the lifecycle of the drill program. 

User-friendly interface: An important part in the development of Toplytics was the ability to provide a simple user interface. Toplytics has an intuitive design making it easy for clients and staff at all levels of technical expertise to navigate and derive meaningful insights that support the success of the drill project.  

Collaboration and sharing: Toplytics provides easy-to-access, shareable reports and dashboards providing a collaborative decision-making solution. It allows multiple users to access and contribute to the same set of reports for cross-functional efficiencies. 

Toplytics helps to underpin our safety obligations and service commitment to our clients, allowing us to present customers with performance metrics and safety reports each week. We deliver a concise summary of compliance and safety measures, rig performance, and costs; and can also provide additional reports with detailed insights surrounding hours worked, production, and cost analysis.  

These key Topdrill differences are how we continue to protect the interests of our clients and deliver successful outcomes. 

With the ability to provide such a high level of safety and compliance transparency, as well as performance for our clients, we enter each program confident that our Toplytics reporting solution will significantly enhance our client’s ability to extract actionable insights. This is how we help drive the safety, efficiency, and success of our client’s drill programs.   

If you would like to know more about how Topdrill and Toplytics can help elevate your drill program performance, contact our team for a personalised demonstration. During this session, our experts can guide you through the features, showcase the positive impact on your programs, and address any questions.   

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