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Rig Safety

Hands-free rod handlers

With innovation as our focus, Topdrill is proud to be the first to bring hands-free operation on all rigs. This innovation has put Topdrill at the forefront of the industry and provides staff with the confidence that comes with improved safety. As a company, Topdrill is constantly looking at ways to minimise crew and rod interaction to improve safety and efficiency. The cup design using gravity ensures excellent inherent safety with limited potential for dropped rods and a narrow line of fire area.

Hands-free breakouts fitted to all rigs

True hands-free breakout of drill pipe on both Reverse Circulation (Airdrill system) and Diamond Drilling rigs. This removes crew from line of fire hazards. 

This innovation requires the operator to hold a deadman switch whilst engaging the slew lever. If either the switch or lever is released, the tool will stop moving automatically. This removes the need for hand tools (stillsons). 

We also utilise diesel free, hydraulics run agitators and mud pumps.

Access ladders and platforms fitted to Diamond Rings

A safety ladder access platform, engineered to meet Australian Standards (AS 1657 – 2013) are fitted to all Topdrill Sandvik DE880 Drill Rigs. 

From a safety perspective, this means that 3 points of contact can be maintained at all times.

Isolation Verification Tags

Isolation saves lives. These locks and tags are positioned at the point of isolation and serve as a physical barrier to operation, and a visual reminder that if the machine is operated there is a risk of personal injury or equipment damage.


Can be operated from controls at tank with main on/off functionality at control panel Internal agitator to ensure most efficient mud yield Hopper and hootenanny for adding muds. Innovative design with simple construction. Modular – tank attaches to 10ft container locks. No chains/straps. Engineered – All lift points are rated and engineered with safety as the focus. The agitator and mud pump are contained in the unit and require no manual handling during shifting. Agitator and mud pump run off rig hydraulics so are reliable and effecient.
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