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Safety Initiatives

Critical Risk Management & Controlling Critical Risk

CRM is designed to ensure that each work area has a clear understanding of what potentially fatal risks are associated with work activities and ensures there are effective, verified controls in place to manage those risks.

This process ensures a standardised approach across our entire workforce at Topdrill and supports a proactive approach to managing critical risks.


Journey Management Software

We work around Australia in remote and isolated locations everyday, so it’s important to ensure we keep everyone safe.

JESI is a digital Journey Management process that enables Topdrill to safeguard their travelling employees, whether they are flying, driving, commuting, or travelling between work sites.

Our JESI app allows travellers to create their own journeys, select their mode of transport, create checkpoints, and indicate the time of their journey. This is monitored to ensure the safety of our team and if checkpoints are missed, JESI begins an escalation process to allocate the appropriate resources and locate the missing person or crew in a timely manner.

Quik Trak - Digital Vehicle Tracking Software

Quik Trak is a GPS enabled digital vehicle tracking system that is fitted to all vehicles in the Topdrill mobile fleet.

Quik Trak provides vehicle locations in real-time format, as well as providing alerts for a predetermined set of metrics such as overspeeding. This allows the Topdrill Management Team to monitor potentially risky driving behaviours and take the appropriate action to modify this behaviour.

MX3 Pro Lab Hydration Testing

Topdrill utilises the MX3 in place of the standard refractometer, which reflects our commitment to the safety, privacy, and comfort of all employees.

Hydration levels are recorded within seconds of taking a saliva sample and results are immediately uploaded to the app with a notification email to all Management for any measurements requiring action.

"MX3 Diagnostics have fundamentally changed the way we manage hydration in the extreme and remote conditions the Pilbara and other Australian regions throws at us. Our team can get up to the minute hydration diagnostics so they can make real time decisions. Great product and vital in the management of the ongoing safety of our people" - Ben Farrands Topdrill General Manager

M300 Versaflo Helmets & Purifying Respirator

Due to workplace exposure standards for respirable crystalline silica and respirable coal dust having halved effective from 7th October 2020, Topdrill has taken steps to reduce the risk of workers contracting lethal occupational lung diseases by introducing the M300 Versaflo Helmets to our operations.

M300 Versaflo Helmets are lightweight, compact helmet that allow a powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) system to delivery filtered air straight to the facepiece

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