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Support Equipment

Air Truck

Topdrill boasts a fleet of high capacity standardised boosters that allow for high performance. Best in class 2500 cfm at 350 psi - output 1000 psi.

Support Truck

Carrying all the required equipment that allows for highly efficient diamond rig mobilisations. These trucks allow for increased flexibility and safety when moving our award winning mud tanks between drill holes.

Rod Truck

Our custom-built Support Truck fleet allows Topdrill to carry the correct amount of water and fuel for drilling operations, on high mobility 8 x 8 and 6 x 6 trucks. They also carry extra drill rods for increased capacity for deeper drilling programs.

Water Truck

We always have water requirements covered on any site, using the right truck for the right job.

Light Vehicles

Topdrills light vehicle is a standardised Toyota fleet with over 100 Land Cruisers and Hilux's, all mine specifications ready and requirements built in to ensure consistency. IVMS fitted to all vehicles to manage vehicle locations and driver behaviours. All Topdrill vehicles carry an EPIRB for critical safety management.

Prime Mover + Floats

Our fleet of prime movers supports Topdrill's in house ability to provide logistical solutions for our track mounted fleet, as well as allowing for timely and efficient distribution of stores and consumables - no matter the location.
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